User Experience II » Lesson 2


  • Create a one-sentence strategic hypothesis. Bring it to class. Don’t lose it.
  • Find competitors or similar services. Take screenshots.
  • Sketch the userflow for your site. Include how people find your site. Remember traffic, retention, conversion. Don’t include boilerplate utility like “My account” unless it is strategically important. Take a photo, and bring your sketch to class.
  • Use Keyword Planner to research your phrasing. Plan for comprehension and discovery. Take screenshots of significant findings and save for later.
  • Sketch wireframes for your site. Every page from your flow should be included. Do NOT create formal wireframes yet. Work on getting the copy right, using your insight from Keyword Planner and taking the best ideas from your competitors.
  • Finish watching the the usability testing video we started to watch in class, Usability Testing with a Paper Prototype

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