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  • Choose a broad topic for your class project, for which it will be easy to find potential users. It is strongly suggested that you target mobile phones, but it can be for any kind of device. If you are trying to break into the UX field, I cannot stress highly enough that you should pick a topic for for which there is strong industry wherever you live. For instance, here in NYC, I would recommend you choose either a banking or ad-tech related project.
    • Provide some validation for your project, and how it supports your goals. E.g. if you are trying to break into UX as a new field, provide a list of companies you could apply to for a job using your finished case study.
  • Watch these videos on running a survey:
  • Decide how you'll recruit 15-30 survey participants. Make sure to investigate the platform before you decide on it. Use one of these options:
    • Amazon Turk: Ridiculously cheap (e.g. $5) and fast, but complicated, and limited demographic targeting tools. Best choice if you have some programming skills.
    • AYTM: Moderately priced (starts @ $50), but easy to use. Advanced demographic targeting tools, but it can get pricey.
    • Survey Monkey: Moderately priced (starts @ $50), but easy to use. Limited but useful demographic targeting tools. To use, sign up for an account and pick “Buy Survey Responses” under the “Survey Services" menu.
    • Friends, Family & Peers: Use Facebook, Twitter, and Message Boards etc. Free. Results are varied (last semester saw people get as few as 8 participants, to as many as 80). You can try this first if you like and then fall back to another method as a backup. Remember, you will be responsible to have at least 15 participants in your survey, so you will take on some risk if you take this route.
  • Decide on your survey platform. Depending on how you'll recruit participants, you'll have different options for building your survey:
    • If you picked Amazon Turk for recruiting, you can use Typeform.com or Google Docs
    • If you picked AYTM for recruiting, then you have to use AYTM to create your survey
    • If you picked Survey Monkey for recruiting, then you have to use Survey Monkey to create your survey
    • If you will use Friends, Family or Peers, then you can use Typeform.com or Google Docs.
  • Use the survey template from www.qualitative.io to create a survey for your class project. Make sure to create the survey on the survey platform you will use for the full survey of 15-30 participants. Don't do a full run of the survey yet. You will do the full run for next week's class with 15-30 users.
  • Do a test run of the survey with 3 participants. Fix any glaring problems that came out of the test run. Write up a paragraph describing the experience.
  • Post the following to the Assignments panel of the home.nyu.edu site at least 90 minutes before the next lesson begins:
    • What your topic is
    • Which platform you’ll use to get participants
    • Link to your survey
    • Paragraph describing your test run results

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