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Critique Order

  • Justin
  • Sonner
  • Monique


  • If you need a refresher on usability testing, refer to my usability testing lesson for UX II
  • Watch my video on usability testing with a paper prototype
  • If you haven’t read it already, read “Rocket Surgery Made Easy,” by Steve Krug. It is a very quick read.
  • Download and review this sample usability test report
  • Download and fill out the usability test plan worksheet
  • Run a usability test with 3-5 participants.
    • Make a video of the user testing process and make a 1½ minute highlight video (time maximum strictly enforced) with highlight captions. You will use this in your case study. Production values count! Make sure to hold your camera/phone in landscape orientation.
    • Student Video Example
    • Matt’s Video Example
    • Highly recommended, but optional: stage a photo of yourself doing the usability test with one of the participants
  • Write out a brief summary of your usability test, including THREE FINDINGS, and a description of whom you tested your prototype with. For each finding, tell HOW MANY PEOPLE had the issue. E.g. "Two out of three participants could not figure out how to check out of the store."
  • Post the following to the Assignments panel of the home.nyu.edu site at least 90 minutes before the next lesson begins:
    • Usability Test Plan Worksheet
    • Link to usability testing video
    • Summary of your usability test
    • Please include the photo of yourself doing the usability test if you opted to do it

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