UX Portfolio » Lesson 9

Critique Order

    • Sonner
    • Justin
    • Monique


  • Refine your case study
    • Focus on creating a great case study, not on creating a great presentation
    • Put callouts on deliverables
    • Emphasize findings from your research, especially qualitative data (e.g. "18/30 people in the survey said...") and real quotes (e.g. "I just want to sort and organize!")
    • Choose one or two points from your research to emphasize, and keep repeating it from the opening paragraph through your conclusion
    • Make sure the visual hierarchy is clear, and easy to scan
    • Put a good header image in
  • Post the following to the Assignments panel of the home.nyu.edu site at least 90 minutes before the next lesson begins:
    • Link to your case study

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