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Critique Order

  • Justin
  • Sonner
  • Monique


  • This week's assignment involves editing the Goblet HTML and CSS, which is based on Bootstrap. The template itself is responsive and makes heavy use of the grid layout features in Bootstrap. One of the main reasons I used Bootstrap is because there is so much documentation, articles, and tutorials about the framework — a Google search should answer most of your questions. However, if you run into any technical hurdles, please feel free to contact me during the week.
  • Run a usability test on your interactive prototype with at least three participants. Write a description of your process and your participants, and your top three findings. Take photos of the process, but no video of this second usability test is required.
  • Create the first draft of your portfolio case study, by filling in the blanks of your Goblet template. Your first draft should include sections for all of the work you have done so far. Your first draft should include the following:
    • Headline and very short (~20 words) summary
    • Overview (include at least one business goal)
    • Survey and Analysis
    • Competitors
    • Google Keyword Tool
    • Target Users (Personas)
    • Use cases
    • First draft user flow and wireframes
    • First user test results and findings
    • Round two wireframes and usability test
    • Final Wireframes (add a placeholder for now)
    • Conclusion and Next Steps (add a placeholder for now)
    • Link to your Interactive Prototype
  • Make sure your case study has a big, descriptive headline in 6 words or less. Strive for clarity and simplicity (e.g. a good headline would be something like "An App for Presenting Spreadsheets", or "A Social App for Rockclimbers")
  • Craft a phrase in 6 words or less to summarize your most significant findings, and repeat it at least four times throughout your case study (e.g. for the spreadsheet example, I'd repeat "Users need spreadsheets to look good" in four different places). Write and rewrite your repeated phrase until is as clear as possible.
  • You must include headings. Headings should declare your insight, they should not be focused on process (e.g. a good survey section heading would be "Users Want Deals," not "Survey Findings.")
  • Post the following to the Assignments panel of the home.nyu.edu site at least 90 minutes before the next lesson begins:
    • Description, process, and results from your usability test
    • Link to your case study

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