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Critique Order

  • Sonner
  • Monique
  • Justin


  • Watch the video Strategy Ideation
  • Download and fill out the Strategy Worksheet. You will need a Microsoft Word compatible editor
  • Sketch the userflow for your project.
    • Each of the tasks from section 9 of the Strategy Worksheet ("What tasks will a user perform in a typical session") should be represented in your user flow.
    • Satisfy the user goals, business goals, stories and other strategic insights you documented in the Strategy Worksheet.
    • Don't include boilerplate utility like "My account" unless it is strategically important.
    • Take a photo of your sketch
  • Great! Now iterate on the userflow you did, and evolve it through at least two more versions. The new userflows should tackle the same tasks and goals, but in a different way. At the end, pick which of the three flows is the best, and label it as “Final Version.”
  • Sketch wireframes for your site. Most of the pages from your “final version” flow should be included. Do NOT create formal wireframes yet. Make sure to use real copy (e.g. not “Lorem Ipsum”) for navigation, buttons, headlines, etc., while also leveraging your insight from Keyword Planner and competitive research. Sketch your wireframes at 100% size. Follow the tips to avoid rookie mistakes from this week's slides. You will use these for a usability test next week, so make sure you keep it legible and easy to read!
  • Post the following to the Assignments panel of the home.nyu.edu site at least 90 minutes before the next lesson begins:
    • Your strategy worksheet
    • Photos of all three versions of your userflow
    • Photos of your wireframe sketches

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