UX Portfolio » Lesson 8

Critique Order

  • Monique
  • Justin
  • Sonner


  • Create final draft of wireframes. Include in your case study.
  • Create the final version of your interactive prototype, using your revised wireframes. Put a link to it from your case study.
  • Write the "Conclusion and next steps" section. Think BIG when you write this section. Write it as if you were planning the next logical steps to really see it happen (e.g. "Find first customers," "Deploy beta version," etc.)
  • Refine your portfolio case study, based on inspiration and feedback you received this week.
  • Refine the style of the case study itself. You can restyle it any way you like.
  • Post the following to the Assignments panel of the home.nyu.edu site at least 90 minutes before the next lesson begins:
    • Link to your case study

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